To maintain a constant panel width, this panel extends vertically only. Call us about your GT40 project   GT40 Projects We carry out paint work for a local company building its own replica of the famous Ford GT40. As you can imagine the people who buy these vehicles expect very high quality work. The bodies supplied are GRP & full of small ripples & still have the mould marks. We painstakingly spend hours removing all of these imperfections by hand trying to make them look as flat as possible. Customers have commented on the finished product looking like a modern steel body finish. After all it's the paintwork that shows off these great cars to there full potential. Take a look for yourself in the photos below GT40 Projects John Holloway Cars the bodywork specialists, Horton Heath, Eastleigh Telephone 023 8060 0680 John Holloway Cars Bodywork Specialists  Est. Since 1967 023 8060 0680