Smart Repairs John Holloway Cars the bodywork specialists, Horton Heath, Eastleigh Telephone 023 8060 0680 John Holloway Cars Bodywork Specialists  Est. Since 1967 Paintless dent removal  Small dents caused by opening doors & trolleys in car parks. Can in some cases; now be removed without the need for  painting. This not only saves you money but can also be done in a very short time. We can restore the panel so that it  appears as good as new. This technique is better suited for smaller dings and panel dents where the paint has not been  broken  Bumper scuffs  All modern cars are now fitted with painted plastic bumpers & can easily be damaged by light scuffs & bumps. Rather than  replacing expensive bumpers we are able to repair these at a fraction of the cost of larger body shops. We have many  years of plastic welding techniques. So even small splits can be repaired.  We may not even need to paint the whole  bumper!  Alloy Wheel repair  If you've damaged one or all of your alloy wheels whilst parking to close to those annoyingly high kerbs. We can help.  Our  professional and cost-effective methods actually negate the need for shot blasting and complete alloy wheel refurbishment.  We are able to return alloys wheels to their original factory condition, whilst also helping to prevent the risk of further  damage from corrosive road salts & the harsh British weather.  Unlike mobile repair companies all our paint work is carried out in controlled conditions in our low bake oven. Our in house  computerised colour matching equipment lists all the major motor manufactures. So you can be assured that colours will be  correct. Your car was never originally painted outside in all weather conditions.   This is what mobile smart repair companies do!  So why compromise on quality?   Quality smart repairs may not be as expensive as you think!